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Q: What shall I call you?

A: Mistress Primrose, Goddess, Mistress Prim, Ma'am, etc. You will address me with respect at all times. That being said, I enjoy both traditional Domme titles, and more personal titles that develope naturally in concurrence with our deepening rapport.



Q: What are your tribute expectations?

A: After you initialize communication via the booking form, we will discuss my rates.



Q: I am new to BDSM. Is that ok?

A: Absolutely! I adore playing with eager, fresh subs. I have experience in tailoring my intensity to suit everyone from wide-eyed newbies to seasoned players.



Q: Are you willing to book a session with me, without a deposit?

A: No. I do not session without a deposit.



Q: May I take you out on a date?

A: Yes. You will see this option listed on my experiences page.



Q: How much notice do I need to give you for a session?

A: The more notice, the better. However, feel free to reach out to me for last minute inquiries to check my availability.



Q: Do you offer double sessions?

A: Yes. If this is something you desire, list it in the special request portion of the booking form.



Q: I am a Dom and would love to have you sub for me, is this possible?

A: Absolutely not. Furthermore, I do not currently provide references for sub-session providers.



Q: Would you be willing to come to my house/hotel/etc. for a session?

A: Possibly. Travel fee & deposit will be required. This will be covered when you fill out the booking form.



Q: I am too far away from you to come session! Do you offer text, phone or video chat sessions for me to submit to you from afar?

A: Currently, no. However, stay tuned for my announcements. Those opportunities may be coming soon...



Q: Would you come to see me in my city?

A: Absolutely! For subs who can meet my requirements and are willing to sponsor my travel expenses, this is an option. You may list this desire in the special request portion of the booking form. Otherwise, keep an eye on my announcements and social media for upcoming tour dates.



Q: I am a woman, interested in mentorship/training to become a dominatrix. Do you offer this?

A: Not at this time.



Q: I am an artist (photographer, videographer, performer, etc.) and I am interested in collaborating with you. How should I go about contacting you?

A: I am a creative first and foremost and love collaborating! Email me directly at with examples of your work, social media links, website info., etc. and let's chat.






















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