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  ...yourself in your darkest desires.


I am your Goddess, experienced in fulfilling each of your unique needs while using you for my sadistic pleasure. 


I relish in creating customized, immersive experiences that lead us deep into the recesses of our unusual cravings. I harness all the senses using touch, taste, sight, smells & sounds to overwhelm you. I gravitate towards an immensely sensual, yet demanding expression of dominance. My lush curves and alluring blue eyes set in motion an irresistible compulsion to submit, a pull that is further inflamed by the decadent fruits of my endless imagination. My angelic, feminine face, in contrast to my deviant proclivities, provides a dichotomy that ensnares your body, mind, and soul.


There are those of us, like you, who gain pleasure from serving & pleasing…such satisfaction can be found by those who earn the opportunity to worship at my feet.


Discretion & privacy is key. My private, clean dungeon is located in Austin, Texas, minutes from downtown. To begin our journey, go to the booking page and follow the instructions listed there.






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